ONS 2010
August 24 - 27
Stavanger, Norway

VSG will present their very latest visualization and analysis technologies for exploring data in geology & geophysics, microseismic, core analysis, borehole imaging, reservoir engineering, materials science, industrial inspection …

VSG highlights at ONS 2010:

Avizo® visualization and analysis software tools for engineers & scientists
  • Advanced 2D/3D image analysis
  • Simulation data post-processing
  • Dip & strike, fracture network analysis, core analysis, pore network modeling, flow simulation …
  • Open and extensible framework for custom applications

Open Inventor® 3D development toolkit for applications developers
  • High-level 3D components for developing interactive 2D/3D software
  • State-of-the-art volume visualization
  • Very large data management
  • Integrated framework for GPU Computing
  • Large horizon display
  • Geobody recognition on large data sets (out-of-core
  • Multi-resolution models management for reservoir engineering
  • Interactive wells management

Contact us to arrange a meeting on our booth or for further information.