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Open Inventor 8.5 Released!

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  • Open Inventor 8.5 Released!

    Open Inventor® 8.5 is available!

    VSG is pleased to announce that Open Inventor 8.5 C++, .NET and Java for Windows 32-/64-bit and for Linux RHEL 32-/64-bit is now available.

    Open Inventor 8.5 delivers numerous enhancements and optimizations that will better support your development environment and your specific needs, while bringing even greater performance to your applications.
    • Support of Visual Studio 2010
      Microsoft VC10 is now fully supported for C++ and .NET APIs.

    • Improved support of ATI graphic boards
      ATI/AMD graphic boards are now fully tested and qualified in our QA process.

    • VolumeViz: Major memory and performance improvements
      Many improvements have been made to VolumeViz and VolumeViz LDM to optimize the rendering performance, reduce the memory consumption and speed-up the loading of large volumes through the LDM technology.

    • VolumeViz: Support of RGBA and Bitfield datasets
      RGBA datasets and Bitfield datasets are now fully supported and managed in an optimal way. RGBA datasets are very useful to handle voxel components, while Bitfield datasets can be used, for example, to define complex volume masks.

    • MeshViz (XLM) improvements
      MeshViz XLM 8.5 provides new classes which allow fast mesh detail picking using Open Inventor standard picking action. Skin extraction on HexahedronIJK and unstructured meshes is much faster, especially on multi-core systems. .

    • MeshViz 8.5 new features:
      MeshViz XLM brings two new features: a useful new extractor tool to remove overlapping polygons, and a new class to represent plane slices as a volume by using an elevation scalar set (a so-called 'CityPlot' representation).

    • ... and much more!

    Read a more detailed presentation of What's New in Open Inventor 8.5: Open Inventor 8.5 What's New (PDF)

    Read the full Release Notes of Open Inventor 8.5 at: Open Inventor Release Notes Page

    All information about Open Inventor at:

    All Open Inventor users who benefit from our Maintenance Service will have an electronic copy of their update to Open Inventor 8.5 by VSG delivered directly to them.