The new Open Inventor standard edition 9.7 is now available for download. The Medical Edition will be available soon.

In addition to improved performance and bug fixes, Open Inventor 9.7 brings many new features. Here are just a few examples:
  • Open Inventor now supports new versions of Microsoft Visual Studio (Visual Studio 2015) and the popular GUI toolkit Qt (Qt 5.6).
  • In VolumeViz, the DICOM image/volume reader for medical data has been re-implemented using the GDCM library and can now load all DICOM compressed image formats.
  • RemoteViz can now stream images using significantly less bandwidth for the same image quality using the H.264 video encoding standard.
  • ImageViz has some major new features including Image registration and Center-line extraction, as well as new image filters like Non-local Means and many optimizations.

For more details, please see: Release Notes | Compatibility Notes | List of Fixed Bugs

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