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What's new in DirectViz 7.2

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  • What's new in DirectViz 7.2

    The DirectViz extension allows Open Inventor applications to render 3D scenes with very high realism and scalability by using the Real-Time Ray-Tracing engine OpenRTRT™ as an alternative to OpenGL. DirectViz addresses the demanding needs of styling and conceptual design, virtual prototyping, and visual simulation that are not currently satisfied by graphics processors and OpenGL. For more info click here.

    Here are just some of the new features now available in version 7.2:
    • Combined Effects
      A single SoDirectVizGeneralShader node can now conveniently combine all rendering effects including bump mapping, alpha mapping, diffuse mapping and more.
    • Adaptive oversampling
      This feature detects aliased pixels and automatically does oversampling in the immediate neighborhood, producing high quality images much faster than accumulation.
    • Fuzzy light effects
      This feature allows light sources to be deflected, producing fuzzy light effects, including smoother shadows (shadow rays are also deflected).

      No effects - vs - Fuzzy light effects
    • Glossy surfaces
      This feature allows reflections and refractions to be deflected, producing glossy surface effects for more realistic materials.

      No effects - vs - Glossy surface effects
    • Native soft shadows
      Soft shadows are more realistic than the default hard shadows. This feature, and others, are now conveniently built into the default RTX shader package. (The DTX shader package is no longer needed.)

      Hard shadows - vs - Soft shadows

    Check the DirectViz 7.2 Release Notes for more details!
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