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Open Inventor 10.5 released

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  • Open Inventor 10.5 released

    Open Inventor Toolkit version 10.5 is now available.

    Download links are on this page.
    New features are described in the release notes.

    Some highlights of Open Inventor 10.4 include:
    • Core Open Inventor
      • New "halo" highlighting render action.
        This class provides a very fast and modern highlighting technique for selected objects in the scene.
        See some examples here.
      • New "Scene Orbiter" class in Viewer Components.
        This class provides a "mode-less" user interface so users no longer have to press the ESC key!
      • Qt-based applications can use hardware-accelerated stereo rendering again.
        Due to changes in Qt, this means that the RenderArea class is now derived from QWindow instead of QOpenGLWidget
    • RemoteViz : Service and client can now exchange binary encoded messages.
      This allows the application to use, for example, Google's Protocol Buffers tool.
    • ImageViz : Elastic registration is now supported for 2D images.

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