Open Inventor Toolkit version 10.5 is now available.

Download links are on this page.
New features are described in the release notes.

Some highlights of Open Inventor 10.4 include:
  • Core Open Inventor
    • New "halo" highlighting render action.
      This class provides a very fast and modern highlighting technique for selected objects in the scene.
      See some examples here.
    • New "Scene Orbiter" class in Viewer Components.
      This class provides a "mode-less" user interface so users no longer have to press the ESC key!
    • Qt-based applications can use hardware-accelerated stereo rendering again.
      Due to changes in Qt, this means that the RenderArea class is now derived from QWindow instead of QOpenGLWidget
  • RemoteViz : Service and client can now exchange binary encoded messages.
    This allows the application to use, for example, Google's Protocol Buffers tool.
  • ImageViz : Elastic registration is now supported for 2D images.

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