Open Inventor Toolkit version 10.6 is now available.

Download links are on this page.
New features are described in the release notes.

Some highlights of Open Inventor 10.6 include:
  • Core Open Inventor
    • New SoColorHighlightRenderAction.
      This class provides a highly optimized way to highlight selected objects in the scene by changing their diffuse color.
    • SoOffscreenRenderArea
      Can now generate RGB or RGBA (color plus transparency) images.
  • RemoteViz
    • Warning! Changes in the C++ API will require application code changes.
      For thread safety, all pointer parameters are now declared at std::shared_ptr<type>.
      See the details here.
    • ServiceListener now supports HTTP requests
      The new method onHTTPRequest allows a RemoteViz service to respond to HTTP requests with stabdard HTTP responses. It can be useful to manage health checks. For example, in a Kubernetes context, readiness and liveness requests.
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