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Open Inventor 10.6 released

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  • Open Inventor 10.6 released

    Open Inventor Toolkit version 10.6 is now available.

    Download links are on this page.
    New features are described in the release notes.

    Some highlights of Open Inventor 10.6 include:
    • Core Open Inventor
      • New SoColorHighlightRenderAction.
        This class provides a highly optimized way to highlight selected objects in the scene by changing their diffuse color.
      • SoOffscreenRenderArea
        Can now generate RGB or RGBA (color plus transparency) images.
    • RemoteViz
      • Warning! Changes in the C++ API will require application code changes.
        For thread safety, all pointer parameters are now declared at std::shared_ptr<type>.
        See the details here.
      • ServiceListener now supports HTTP requests
        The new method onHTTPRequest allows a RemoteViz service to respond to HTTP requests with stabdard HTTP responses. It can be useful to manage health checks. For example, in a Kubernetes context, readiness and liveness requests.
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