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  • New: RemoteViz Getting Started Guide

    RemoteViz is our image streaming toolkit technology.

    RemoteViz enables true web-based 2D/3D visualization applications that run on a server and display in the user's web browser. As images are rendered by the visualization software, RemoteViz streams them to the browser, using video encoding algorithms (H.264, VP9) to minimize required bandwidth, and GPU accelerated encoding to maximize performance. Remote desktop technologies can be used to "lift and shift" an existing desktop application into the Cloud, but that solution has many limitations. RemoteViz is designed to support visualization as a microservice in a modern web-based application.

    If that sounds interesting, the new Getting Started guide shows how easy it is to create a visualization service combining RemoteViz with our visualization toolkit technology Open Inventor.

    You can also try some web-based visualization demos, powered by RemoteViz, here.
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