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Zokero releases new SeisWare based on Open Inventor

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  • Zokero releases new SeisWare based on Open Inventor

    Zokero supercharges its popular SeisWare™ seismic interpretation software with powerful 3D Visualization based on Open Inventor® by Mercury.

    Zokero, a leader in the exploration and production software market, has just released its version 7.0 of SeisWare seismic interpretation software, including a brand new 3D Seismic Visualizer powered by the Open Inventor .NET 3D graphics toolkit by Mercury Computer Systems.

    Powered by the 3D graphics capabilities of the Open Inventor .NET framework, the 3D Seismic Visualizer in SeisWare 7.0 allows Seismic data to be rapidly rotated, sliced, and animated. In addition, 2D and multiple 3D seismic volumes, horizons, faults, grids, wells, and attributes can be viewed simultaneously using different color schemes.

    The SeisWare product management team has selected Open Inventor .NET by Mercury as its 3D engine because of Open Inventor’s renown as an industry standard, its commercial support, and its proven track-record in the past 20 years.

    Product Information
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    Downloadable high-resolution pictures

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