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Advanced Imaging's 2009 Visualization Solution of the Year

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  • Advanced Imaging's 2009 Visualization Solution of the Year

    Our own product Avizo, based on Open Inventor of course, and our climate visualization project with DKRZ was selected as Advanced Imaging's 2009 Solution of the Year in the Visualization category!


    Summary story of winners:$5663

    The cartographic projection technology developed for this project is available to all Open Inventor applications!

    The SoProjection and SoGeoProjection property nodes (version 7.1) define a projection that is applied to all subsequent shapes in the scene graph. This can be used for cartographic projections such as Lambert, Mercator, etc. where you have geometry defined in latitude/longitude coordinates. The projection converts these coordinates into the usual XYZ world coordinate system. This is a very powerful capability because many projections are too complex to express in a 3D transformation matrix. Projection can even be applied to volume data (see SoVolumeRender for details). SoProjection provides general support for projections defined by subclasses of SbProjection. This can include custom projections implemented by application developers. SoGeoProjection provides convenient support for cartographic projections, using the popular open source library PROJ4. SoGeoProjection currently supports geodetic (lat/lon) and geocentric coordinates (xyz) with multiple ellipsoids and projections (see SbProj4Projection for details).