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FEI announces the release of RemoteViz for Open Inventor

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  • FEI announces the release of RemoteViz for Open Inventor

    FEI announces the release of RemoteViz for Open Inventor®, a software development framework for interactive remote 2D and 3D visualization.

    Open Inventor’s RemoteViz introduces an innovative data-remote visualization software technology. It enables easy integration of advanced 3D capabilities into web-based applications, by providing a comprehensive set of built-in software components for advanced 3D data visualization, multi-touch interaction and client-server architecture support. 3D software applications based on Open Inventor’s RemoteViz run on a web server, potentially powered by a cloud ‘render farm’, and can then efficiently stream the rendered images down to multiple client devices, including tablet, smartphone, laptop, or workstation. On the client side, any HTML5-enabled browser can display the rendered image in real time and handle the interaction back to the server-based application for full interaction.

    This zero footprint client architecture, coupled with the powerful 3D data visualization capabilities of Open Inventor, allows for the development of high-quality graphics applications that can share multiple remote interactive sessions, even on very large datasets.

    The RemoteViz framework is based on standard open web technologies, ensuring full portability and cross-platform support of end-user applications. Open Inventor-based applications developed and running on the server side on a specific operating system can run on the client side on any browser-enabled device and on any mobile or desktop operating system.

    Full announcement here

    More about RemoteViz here
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