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re-post : clip dragger for VTK unstructured mesh

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  • re-post : clip dragger for VTK unstructured mesh

    Hi, Mike,

    I don't know whether you have seen the codes or not. So I re-post the question.

    I have modified your examples ClipPlaneDragger, changing the data reader and mesh with my own code
    to read VTK unstructured grid mesh( each cell has 8 nodes and 6 faces ). But it can't work properly.
    It would break down when it goes to make the clip plane to be displayed. Why?

    My code is attached. (

    lVtkUnstructuredGridMesh.cpp is the definition of the VTK unstructured mesh.
    lVtkUnstructuredGridReader.cpp is the reader for vtk unstructured model.

    the model file is too big to be uploaded.

    Thank you.