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  • MedicalDicomImageViewer


    I'm new at working with open inventor and I'm trying to understand how the MedicalDicomImageViewer (C#) works.
    I reproduced the example that you handed us out, but on mine there are no images shown. When I use the mouse wheel it shows the changing slices but then again there are no pictures to be seen.
    Any idea why this may be happening?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Hi Erika,
    That's strange. If I understand correctly, you can run the pre-built executable and get the expected result, but if you build and run the example, the images are not rendered. Is that right?

    I just built and ran the example with Open Inventor 9.9.0 / Visual Studio 2013 and it worked correctly. Just in case it's important, could you tell us what version are you using and what graphics card you have?

    Thanks for the good/bad images. There are some clues, but unfortunately the problem is not obvious. For example, the DICOM attribute info in the upper/lower right corners appears to be correct for the example data set. That means we were at least able to open the first image in the series. Since you see the image numbers changing with the mouse wheel, we were probably able to open all the images. But obviously the image itself is missing and also it's very strange that the upper left corner annotation is missing...

    Sorry I can't be more helpful (yet).


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      Hi Mike,

      thank you for your answer. Yes, you understood correctly, I can run the pre-build example, but then when I build it no images are to be seen. I can scroll through the pictures, because I see the number of pictures change, but then the patients information is also missing.

      I'm using Open Inventor 9.8.5 / Visual Studio 2017 and I have a NVIDIA Quatro K2000 as my graphics card.

      Thank you.



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        Hi Erika,
        Do you have another C++ version of Open Inventor installed on your machine ?
        Are you in Release or Debug ?
        Thank you,


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          Hi Erika,
          I understand that you are now discussing directly with one of our product specialists in Bordeaux. So you are "in good hands". :-) Thanks for using Open Inventor.