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Color coding the vascular canals in bone scans based on their diameter

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  • Color coding the vascular canals in bone scans based on their diameter

    Dear Open Inventor Forum members,

    I am Senthil a PhD student studying the porosity in animal bones

    I had scanned my bone sample in a Micro CT machine with a high resolution of 1 Ám

    I wanted to color code the vascular canals in the bone sample scan based on their diameters

    Does any forum members who are expert in image analysis have any idea on how we can color code the vascular canals in any softwares

    I was not able to do this in AVIZO/AMIRA software from ThermoFisher Scientific and CTAN software from Bruker

    I have uploaded the vascular canals obtained from the Micro CT scans for your kind reference

    Thanks for your patience to go through my message and I am eagerly looking forward for any suggestions and comments from the forum members

    Thanks and Have a Happy Day

    With Best Regards,
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    Hello Senthil,
    One would typically need to perform segmentation of the vasculature in 3D and then separate by a label measure/compute label measures. Another method could use some specific tools in Amira-Avizo to segment and quantify vessel-like structures. In general, this can be done in Amira-Avizo and/or Open Inventor. To get a more specific recommendation, our team will reach out to you by email.
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      Dear Rpelapur,

      Thanks for going through my post and sending a quick response

      Thanks for your comments. I had worked with vascular canal segmentation in AMIRA/AVIZO but I was not aware of any particular tool that could calculate the diameter and color code the canals based on the diameters

      Is the label measure similar to the Label Voxel tool in AMIRA

      I will be very happy to hear the recommendation from the technical team

      Thanks again for your kind response

      Have a nice day