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Crash when doing off-screen rendering.

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  • Crash when doing off-screen rendering.

    (OIV 8.1.3 .NET)
    I have a scene that is rendered on an SoWinViewer - which also has to be rendered from different camera angles sporadically on one or more SoOffscreenRender instances.
    As the application is threaded, it runs into memory sharing issues.
    I suspect I can solve this with a few mutexes, but I can't seem to hook the viewer's render callback - rather when doing so the viewer trackball feature stops its automatic updates.

    Does anyone have thoughts on how to overcome this issue?
    I have simplified it a bit but I get the same result.
    Presently, it will do the offscreen rendering in application idle, i.e. between the screen renderings so there should be no overlap due to the threads.
    It manages to do about 60 renderings before croaking with an access violation.
    Is there a memory problem in 8.1.3?
    Found a solution; ditching OpenInventor for this part of the project, which will likely mean that the entire project will be updated soon to include this solution.
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