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Simulation software for highway safety research (EDC)

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  • Simulation software for highway safety research (EDC)

    HVE from Engineering Dynamics Corporation (EDC) allows you to reconstruct and simulate crashes involving all types of road vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, articulated vehicles, etc.). 3-dimensional issues involving vehicle rollover, collision under-ride, irregular road surfaces, as well as system failures, such as brake defects or tire blow-out, are handled directly.

    The human mind has difficulty interpreting the large amounts of numerical data generated by a simulation, but easily comprehends vast amounts of visual data. Using HVE's 3-D viewers, based on Open Inventor you can quickly and easily visualize the meaning of the information within the numerical results.

    Remember this scene?
    A 1968 Mustang GT, driven by Lt. Frank Bullitt, is chasing a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T, driven by a man known only as "The Killer", down Taylor Street on Russian Hill in San Francisco.

    For a full reconstruction of this 46 second chase sequence, visit
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