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Visualizing 3D Nonlinear Meshes (Michelin)

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  • Visualizing 3D Nonlinear Meshes (Michelin)

    Michelin Finite Element Analysis (FEA) post-processing tools have been developed using the Open Inventor® by VSG library. Open Inventor allows great flexibility in the visual representation, for example: clipping along any 3D plane, flexible slicing, wireframe display, iso-lines, iso-surfaces, transparency and stereoscopic views. In order to handle the increasing size of data volumes (e.g. full 3D computations with all surrounding objects), we need more and more high-performance tools such as VSG’s new module MeshViz XLM, which completely lives up to our in-house customers’ expectations. In particular, MeshViz XLM can directly access application data structures, avoiding time and memory wasting copying of data, and directly supports parametric nonlinear mesh cells.

    Images courtesy: Michelin

    Michelin manufactures and sells tires for all kinds of vehicles, publishes maps and guides and operates a number of digital services. Michelin Group is active on all continents, from China to Brazil and from The United States of America to Germany and Russia.

    Read the complete Customer Spotlight here
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