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Geospatial tools for Petrel (Hagenes Data ab)

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  • Geospatial tools for Petrel (Hagenes Data ab)

    TheGlobe for Petrel is a plug-in to Schlumberger's Petrel version 2010.1 for geodesy, project management and presentation in a world context.

    According to Hagenes Data ab, the developers of TheGlobe, Petrel currently limits projects and data to a single cartographic projection, and map projections are not well suited to represent data that are collected with different references or cover large geographic areas. TheGlobe Viewer is a new spatial viewer that differs from the traditional 3D viewer in that the render coordinates are geospatial and not projected. The viewer's scene graph uses a spatial hierarchy and the renderers implement three levels of detail.

    TheGlobe was developed using the Ocean Software Development Framework from Schlumberger and Open Inventor's built-in ability to directly handle geospatial coordinates (see the SoGeoProjection class). More information about TheGlobe here
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