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Spectral Imaging Solution (Prism Seismic)

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    started a topic Spectral Imaging Solution (Prism Seismic)

    Spectral Imaging Solution (Prism Seismic)

    Spectral Imaging Solution from Prism Seismic

    Prism Seismic’s spectral imaging software, SPECTRAL, provides a newer, advanced tool to maximize the return on investments by greatly improving the accuracy of the seismic interpretation, which, in turn, reduces the drilling risk.

    SPECTRAL overview
    Until recently, the viewing of seismic data in the frequency domain involved the analysis of amplitude and phase spectra graphs. Although these frequency spectra plots are useful (principally for QC purposes), they are not actually applicable in the interpretation process – these graphs are not used to map structural or stratagraphic features, locate wells or evaluate reserves. Spectral decomposition, as used in SPECTRAL, however, allows the geophysicist to generate data in the frequency domain that can be used for all of the interpretation tasks mentioned above.

    SPECTRAL is a truly cross-platform software solution that is available on Windows®, Linux® and UNIX® operating systems. The user-friendly workflow simplifies and accelerates both the learning curve and everyday use of the package. Various 2D and 3D displays can be used to facilitate the rapid examination of both the input data and the calculated spectral attributes.

    To shorten their time-to-market, Prism Seismic chose Open Inventor and VolumeViz LDM to take care of the majority of the 3D programming tasks necessary to lay the foundation for the SPECTRAL application.

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